Star CloudPRNT printers – connected to your mobile app

We understand that it can be critical to have printed out receipts for all mobile app orders.

Easily add Star printers to your mobile app install. Receipts will print for all mobile app orders.


The Star MC-Print3 model is supported, along with the TSP-654IISK.

Details for the printer models below (links will open in new tab):




Contact us to learn how to configure the printer for connecting to your mobile app.

If you do not have either of these printers, and would like to order them, feel free to order from HERE.

If the printer is out of stock at the above link, or if you find it for a better price, just let us know. We can work with any of these printers, from any source. For convenience, we recommend ordering from the supplier at the link above as we work direct with them to manage the setup.

The printer would then be shipped to you with the configuration to connect to the Espressly servers already being completed. You would simply plug it into Ethernet or connect to WiFI (TSP654IISK has wifi, MC-Print3 does not have wifi)