Apps for Cafes

Give your customers a modern mobile app to order ahead.

Beautiful design   //   Elegant functionality

No setup fee  //  Integrated with Square POS

The most convenient way to frequently order

Design driven for your brand to shine.

Rewards. Multi-location. Effortless.

We can add tremendous value, so

  • Customers can easily reorder in the future
  • Merchant panel gives you control of it all
  • Pricing and terms that work for you

Want to play with a demo? Download the “Cafe Canopic SQ” (Square integrated) or the “Cafe Canopic” freestanding app.

Available in the AppStore & on Google Play

Your own Mobile app

More on Espressly

Your “forever” mobile app solution. Your app.

Your brand. For your customers.

Offering a freestanding solution for any shop, as well as a comprehensive integration with and to Square POS and DiamondScan POS.

Integration available for many other POS companies through a subscription with Chowly.

Customers can view the menu, save favorites, use easy reorder, and pay in advance using credit card or Apple Pay.

Simple to use menu editor to manage all categories, items, sizes, and modifiers.

If you are using Square, we really would love to show you how your own app is possible and how it can give you that next level experience and efficiency for your workers and business.

Key Benefits for Customers

  • Much easier than website online ordering
  • Only a few clicks to re-order
  • Sticky rewards and discounts

Key Benefits for Owners:

  • Customers order 5X more frequently
  • Dramatically increase revenue
  • Offer contactless payment
  • More insightful customer data

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