Building the Right Coffee
Ordering App for your
Coffee Shops

Make Ordering Easier. Rewards. Multi-location. Effortless.


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Awesome App Features

Easy Re-ordering

Customers can find prior orders with ease. With a single click they can load the entire order into the cart. From there, they can edit individual items and add new items before proceeding to checkout.

Square POS Integration

Any shop that uses Square can gain great efficiency from the integration ţhat we are constanty advancing. Orders show up in the Oraers and Transactions tabs of your Square system. Manage the mobile app menu from Square and find additional mobile-onty controls and
settings in the control panel that we provide

Favorite Items

Customers can click a heart icon in checkout if they want to save the specific item,with addons and special notes,in their account. This wíl save them time in the future while ensuring the order is sent exactly as they prefer.

iPhone App

The iPhone app for your cafe will give you atool to drive sales in an efficient manner. Customers can download your app in thé AppStore under your business name

In-App Loyalty Program

Your app can alow new users that register an account to receive a Welcome Bonus that can be redeemed at checkout. Customers also receive reward points,based on a percent of the subtotal spend in app, to be redeemed at checkout for a future purchase. The Square integration includes Square Loyalty, giving you a single Loyalty program for loyal customers.

Apple Pay- Apple Sign In- Apple Sign Up

To end to end Apple friendly logic for signing up. signing in, and paying is what iPhone users love to see. The entire process of creating an account and checking can be done in seconds in an expected manner that for happy customers.

Menu Builder

Manage your in app menu with ease. Include your seasonal specials and manage inventory as it becomes unavailable.

Easy-to-Use Builder

Drag and drop items to reorder. Drag and drop categories. Rename items. Add descriptions. Add images. Mark items unbavailable for the day or unit turned back on. Gain efficient control on your mobile menu. Directly connected with Square for those that use Sqaure for ultimate peace of mind.

Order can show in your point of sale

No additional cost

* Requires Chowly Subscription

Android App

Share the link to your Google Play app on social media and in your advertising. Your customers will love your app and will be back time and time again to order with ease.

Modern Technology

The key to having yoŭr own app is to make sure it works al the time,for all customers.
Espressly focuses entirely on app quality and reliability so you can focus on what you do.

Saved Credit Cards

Your customers can save their payment method to their profile. Upon returning,they can check.

Merchant Dashboard

The Espressly Merchant Dashboard shows insights for mobile app sales results and key metrics. Manage your settings and menu from any browser. The central command portal for your mobile app.

Total Control

Quickly turn off ordering if there is ever a power outage, an espresso machine that goes down, or for whatever other reason. Changes done in the portal will reflect instantly in your app.

Switches to control it all

If there is a setting that you could possibly need to edit, it is in the panel. Gain complete control of your system from any browser.

It is your business. It is your app.

Large corporate chains have demonstrated how powerful a high quality customer facing app can be for their brand. With your app in the Appstore and on Google Play, you have a critical piece in place and handled with our team at Espressly so you can power ahead into the future.

As your customers use your app, they will always leave real estate on their device for your business. This makes ordering quick and easy so they can enjoy the amazing product that you and your team at your storefront put out. With faith and persistence, we press on, together.