Our pricing is simple. Simplicity and transparency is at the base of what we look to do as we partner with cafes. Our collective goal should be to make a “forever app” together. As part of that, we recognize that the economic deal must be sound. We believe our model works well for cafes and we are there to provide unlimited support to drive the success of the ordering system and the cafe. Espressly can live in the background – the cafe should have all the credit.


Never any setup fee. Never any development fees.

4% commission charged on order volume. We pass along 100% of tips collected.

We also have a tiered pricing model. The cafe can select which they prefer.

1-10 orders per day – $4 flat fee, per location

11-20 order per day – $6 flat fee, per location

21-30 orders per day – $8 flat fee, per location

31+ orders per day – $10 flat fee, per location

Never more than $10 on the tiered pricing model


We allow cafes to use their own processing. We support the Square payment API,, Stripe, and CardConnect.

If we handle processing for the cafe, we charge 2.75% plus 10 cents for credit cards. 2.9% plus 30 cents for Apple Pay.


We also have printers that are available. We use Star, Epson, and Bixolon printers.