The Perfect Grinder for You

We love coffee at Espressly. We love to share positive news and reviews here for coffee products.

I have been using the Capresso Burr Grinder for about 6 months now. Fantastic product.

Prior to this great grinder, I had a standard blade grinder. They say that burr is better. They are right. The blade grinder leaves grounds of all different sizes so you get an inefficient brew – plain and simple. I took the dive in with the burr grinder and now every last ground is uniformly sized.

This means when I do a french press or pourover I can set the machine to the right grind type/size. Works perfect. Worth whatever Amazon has it selling for at any moment. Grab one – you won’t be disappointed.

Tonight’s pourover is a bag of Starbucks Verona that was on sale at the grocery store. $6.99. Deal. Great after dinner treat.

Check out the official product page here: HERE

Amazon link – HERE


Capresso Burr Grinder