The Journey in Coffee

Things have been going well with the brands that are working with us to power their branded ordering app. We are excited to add more features to the system to help loyal fans of these great cafes to gain more education and information about their favorite drinks.

The coffee bean travels from far away places to end up in a local cafe, before it is turned into the magic we know that gets handed to us in a paper cup.

Espressly wants to help tell the story of the journey of the coffee bean from start to end. We love working with cafes that see their job as being to capture the essence of the coffee bean as they work to create the world’s best cup of coffee.

We will be working to go deep into the issues that are relevant ONLY to coffee and we will work to make life easier and more fulfilling for baristas at these fine cafes.

Keep an eye out for more information from the team at Espressly. Please help to spread the word to your favorite local cafes. We can help them to compete with even the biggest corporate enterprises with solid technology that pleases customers as they interact with their favorite local independent cafes.

The key to it all is “independence”. Relying on 3rd party marketplace apps to “handle” the digital experience for customers that cafes work so hard to gain – is flawed. The best way to do it is to build your own “brand” and only focus on your brand. It is hard enough as is – let the marketplace apps and other 3rd party vendors spend to attract NEW customers. You can focus on rewarding those that you have already gained through your hard work and attention to detail.

Cafes rock.