Corporate coffee chain who?

The corporate coffee chains do a great job with many things. It is after all how they grew to be so valuable and successful.

One of the things that they do well is tech. They have the capital to hire large development teams to make industry leading tech, so they can have great order ahead mobile apps. These apps then help to attract customers and keep them coming back. The large corporate chains can work on the apps they have every day. The product gets better every day. It is really great. Good for them.

As their tech products get better, the customers are being drawn more and more to the large corporates.

It is not that the corporates have better coffee than the smaller brands….perhaps their coffee is great…but maybe, just maybe, customers can do better. Customers love specialty coffee. They really do.

What would happen if the playing field was leveled? What if the corporates were not the only coffee businesses that had mobile apps that tackled the easy reordering, viewing of menus, paying with speed and ease, favorite items, rewards, etc?

What if?

We can help you to have a mobile app for your customers, with your branding.

  1. Do you use Square as your point of sale (POS) system? If so, we have an end to end integrated system that can help.
  2. We work with a point of sale company called DiamondScan for which we have a very nice direct integration to a mobile app.
  3. We offer an integration with Chowly so any business that uses any of the supported POS systems that Chowly works with can have their own mobile app. Orders would show up in the point of sale system via a connection to Chowly.
  4. We offer a freestanding mobile app product that is connected to the mobile app system. Orders would not be integrated direct into your point of sale system. Orders would show up on the merchant app that works in conjunction with the mobile app system. We also offer direct connected printers so item tickets can be printed.

Regardless of the above method that makes the most sense for you, the mobile app product that customers see and interact with would be the same. Customers would love to order from smaller brands because they tend to have the highest quality coffee and food items.

We are here to help you. Running a business is hard enough. Battling the corporate chains is what it is – you can do this. Get your own app today from our team here at Espressly.

No setup fees. No development fees. 4% commission on orders or, for those that do not want to pay a commission based amount, we offer flat rates. The rates vary based on the number of locations that a business has….starting at $149 per month for 1 location.