Consistency in the customer journey at your cafe

Customers are busier than ever. Whether it be a young mom hauling the 3 kids around on the way to school or practice….or a businesswoman that needs to get back to the desk to be on a Zoom call…..customers need a consistent and predictable experience if you want them to be loyal repeat ordering customers.

A great way to keep your loyal customers smiling and happy is to give them the full cafe experience from the start of their journey, to the end. A solid app is just part of the solution.

When a cafe has their own mobile and web ordering solution, branded as the customer expects (not 3rd party marketplaces), and the mobile app has a smooth flow with logical points along the way for adding in milk, etc, using saved credit cards and Apple Pay in their customer account (which also generates rewards for them that save them money), they see your local cafe as a true alternative to Starbucks and other large operators.

At Espressly, we work tirelessly to solve for the proper way to deliver that end to end convenience that customers expect. We want them to know they can order quickly and come in to grab their coffee and food items without confusion.

If the customer experiences the same process every time… is just that much easier to squeeze in that “grab it to go” order from your cafe. The mobile app is of course only part of the solution. With proper Point Of Sale (POS) integrations, connected devices to help the work staff to know what is on the board to be made, and with proper notifications back to the customer when their order is ready for pickup, we are looking at a more complete solution. There are countless gadgets that can help – we are always looking for the most unique way to solve the problem that is at the base of “100% order transmission success”.

At times customers will come in to grab their coffee, other times they want curbside pickup, and other times they want to do drive thru. The proper solution should be able to flex and bend to accommodate the needs of your loyal customers that have to get on with their day – but that also respect and acknowledge the role that quality coffee and food plays in their busy life.

Espressly is here to help the cafes of America. Our apps are built for no setup fee. There are no hidden fees. A simple 4% commission is how we work. We look to build the strongest possible partnership with every brand we work with. We can do it. We know we can. Go coffee. Go convenience.